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July 8, 2008

SeeqPod – Music Search Engine

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I spent some time checking out SeeqPod (as promised) – I was happy that I did. This is my new favorite site. Why? Because I love music, but more importantly because I am a news researcher and SeeqPod is a killer MP3 search engine.

Anyone who tried the music search engines from a few years ago would have been disappointed with the volume of broken links in the search results. SeeqPod doesn’t just find links, it finds playable MP3’s. I am not saying there aren’t any broken links, just that I haven’t found any. Also because the music listed is hosted on other sites the quality isn’t always perfect, but again, I have had great results so far. And, it not only finds what you are are looking for but offers suggestions based on your search. This is especially helpful if you aren’t sure of the correct spelling of an artist.

SeeqPod also succeeds in its presentation. Search results are presented in a simple search box on one side of the screen. The other side is a moving tracker of the site’s latest finds. Click the options button to embed a playlist or to find out more about the artist or song, including lyrics. Although, I had the least success with the lyric feature.

My one quip with their presentation is that I had to try too hard to find the pre-filled playlist feature. Not good for new users because the playlists are a great way for users to get a feel for the site and the quality and variety of music on it.

As with other Web 2.0 companies, SeeqPod is currently in the middle of lawsuit. Warner Music Group has sued SeeqPod (docket, PDF) over copyright infringement (complaint, PDF). Read more about this slightly unique lawsuit at the Listening Post, Bit Player, and the Electronic Freedom Frontier.

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