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March 4, 2009

Facebook is Changing

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If you signed into Facebook today you were greeted with this message:

Changes to the Home page are coming soon
Learn about the new features ahead of time. This is happening soon; check out the home page tour now.

Go ahead, take the tour.  I also recommend reading ReadWriteWeb’s post.


January 15, 2009

Adults flock to Social Networks

Use of social networking sites among those 18 and older quadrupled over the past four years, according to
a study released by Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Still, its the younger online adults who are much more likely to use social networks. 75% of adults 18-24 using these networks, compared to just 7% of adults 65 and older.

MySpace continues to be the most popular networking site. The study finds MySpace users are more likely to be women, to be Hispanic or black, and to have a high school education or some experience with college; median age is 27. Facebook has 22% of the adult social networking audience. Facebook users are more likely to be men, with a college degree. The median age on Facebook is 26. Six percent of adult social networking users have a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users have a higher median age, 40, and are more likely to be male and white and to have a college degree.

Most adult social network users are privacy conscious:

  • 60% of adult social network users restrict access to their profiles so that only their friends can see it.
  • 36% of social network users allow anyone to see their online profile
  • 58% of adult social network users restrict access to certain content within their profile

Pew Internet conducted a survey in May 2008 and December 2008 and compared it against similar surveys it conducted in 2005.

July 28, 2008

Updates and New Looks

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  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also announced a new, cooler, hipper,web site.

March 20, 2008

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Facebook expands privacy options.
Facebook now allows each member the ability to grant differing levels of access to different users. Previously, the only way to block other users from viewing specific content was to assign select people access to your limited profile. Now, users can customize which content each individual is allowed to view.

The positive: You no longer have to worry about everyone seeing that not so flattering photo, or your boss keeping tabs on you through status updates. The negative: The interface is slightly cumbersome.

February 27, 2008

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Facebook announces a solution for overloaded profile pages.

November 29, 2007

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From Time Magazine: Is Facebook Overrated?

November 20, 2007

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Be a Facebook Fan

The competition between Myspace and Facebook continues. Earlier this month Facebook launched Facebook Pages. This new service allows bands, businesses, celebrities, teams, politicans, etc. to promote themselves on Facebook.
You can be a “fan” to a page, similar to the friend system on Myspace. To date I have not joined any Facebook Pages, but becoming a fan of The Oregonian is on my list.

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