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March 6, 2009

Friday ORB Roundup

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November 10, 2008

Tweet, Tweet


I have been twittering a bit . Twitter, a social media tool, is a fast-growing technology that months ago defied an easy description. That is no longer the case. Twitter found its stride during the election

All election day long,  I, and many others,  were glued to Twitter’s Election2008 stream. Mark Friesen even configured a special Portland election page  that featured feeds from Doug Perry and Scott Nelson, as well as Twitterers across the Portland area who were expressing their election thoughts in real-time.  Mark’s page is still active. The page is no longer election specific but it is still a great place to check out what certain Portlanders are saying. (Think of Twitter as an AP feed for the community.)

Interested in starting your own Twitter account? Check out this great primer by Sarah Evans on building a Twitter community over at Mashable.  She provides tips on how to search, the quirky lingo, as well as, a general how-to.

July 18, 2008

Friday ORB Roundup

January 5, 2008

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Search Tip

Google Image can tell the difference between an image with a face in it and one that doesn’t. It can also display only images that appeared in the news.

The feature isn’t an official search term yet, so you need to hack the URL to make it work.

Example, enter the word iris in the search box. You will see a lot of images of the flower. Now go the address bar and type &imgtype=face to the end of the URL. Go to that URL and you’ll now see photographs of people instead of the flower.

You can also limit your search to only images news images. For example, try a search for The Shins. You will get a lot of photographs for the band. Now append &imgtype=news to the search URL and you will have a much smaller result.

Found on Lifehacker.

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